About Us

With a dream to employ the wasted youth of India, We, CCS market, continuously approach with advanced sight and vision to make use of a majority of unemployed India.

About Us
We at CCS MARKET have been serving a wide gamut of audience for over four years and will continue to do so with the blessings and trust of our clients and customers in the motto of our work culture. Approved by the government, we commenced with a notion to depreciate the ever hiking prices of products coupled with the surge in unemployed youth, and since then the company has expanded to home a family of 1000+ members. Inspired by Make In India, we run in the direction to beat the exploitation of youth by the foreign companies, which care not to pay us well but use our talent at most.

We want to create a spark in the mind of the multitude to be aware of self-employment. To diminish the overwhelming thoughts that stand in the path of an amateur to promote to the professional rank, we take care of all your essential inputs, such as motivation, financial help, pre and post training support, etc. We know how to create top class services at low prices, for that to strengthen the foundation - our CCS family - by incorporating broad audience by generating relatively discounted products and services cost.

The future is not there in time when CCS will run at its full pace; there we plan to provide fastest home delivery services across PAN India. If you stake your trust in us, we know how to nurture it to overcome your challenges in future. We accept and welcome you not only as a member of our house but also a seed that will transform into a tree someday. We share our profits with our members and expect the same from them to expand our territory of influence in the remote regions where the touch of technology and urbanization is still to reach.